About Us

The Company
Since its inception, Consortium Books Pvt. Ltd. has gained a firm reputation as Bookseller, Library Supplier and Subscription Agent.
Consortium takes pride in its ability to provide innovative and valuable solutions for the many challenges the industry has faced through the years. From managing print resources, to electronic, to end user services, Consortium Books Pvt. Ltd. has remained a reliable and trusted intermediary for its customers and publisher partners.
We will continue to maintain and improve the range of high quality services and solutions to customers and publishers. With a solid financial position, unparalleled competence and experience, we are sure to continue our successful role as the world’s leading information solutions provider.

The foundations of the Company were laid in pioneering fashion, to also engage itself in export of publications from Asia.
Although Consortium Books Pvt. Ltd. has expanded its reach worldwide, the company has stayed closed to its roots.
Over the years of our existence we have not only been sharing knowledge and expertise in book selling, but also encouraging education and self-improvement in India and beyond. Constantly adjusting to change, and striving to support the growth of public education Consortium Books Pvt. Ltd. family remains at the heart of business.

Core Value
People. They’re the reason for our success. We are committed to fostering an environment of continuous learning and development, one that supports open, honest communication and maintains highest standards of business ethics and integrity. We also value diversity and commit ourselves to helping people realize their true potential.

Vision & Objectives
  • • Committed to the Dissemination of scholarly information of the highest quality, remains the primary goal.
  • • To be the leading global provider of integrated information solutions to business and professional customers.
  • • By providing our patrons with indispensible information and unimpeachable service on medical, engineering, humanities, social sciences (including law) and information technology.

Customer Services
  • • Our Account executives will recommend new books, loose-leafs, journals and major works and provide quotes as required
  • • Special service include :
    • o Supplies of publications in print and electronic format
    • o Sourcing titles in your specific area of interest
    • o Rare and antiquarian titles
    • o Back issues of journals

Electronic Media
  • • Consortium Books Pvt. Ltd. is fully equipped to service your requirements in Electronic media which includes :
    • o e-books, electronic databases and suscriptions
    • o CD-ROMS

    Information and Promotions:
    • • Our catalogues, newsletter and mailings will keep you up to date with the latest product information
    • • We participate in book fairs and conferences regularly